Does Exotic Pet Trade Look Innocent? Watch This Video and Think Again!


Exotic Pet Trade is a developing business field as the world becoming much crueler every day a time. Society’s crawl for popularity and fame across the globe leading individuals into mistakes on their choices. Individual’s ambition to earn more money prepares an environment for many illegal business fields and exotic animal trade is just one of them.

There is only one truth that these types of illegal businesses will not ever end as long as the society drives demand. Even though governments continue applying regulations against these types of businesses, people continue figuring out different ways to execute.

I personally believe that the increasing welfare level around the world has been the number one reason for people to be different. Additionally, individuals started to pay much more attention to the social media popularity in the last decade, so people feel obligated to be charming in their online world. However, it is unbelievable that how humans can sacrifice another lives just for something unnecessary. We have written an article about the social media popularity before, you can click here to review.

Does Exotic Pet Trade Worth to take a Pretty Photo?

In today’s world, technology and information has evolved into a new level unlike anything in the history. People are much more educated and the information has never had an easier access. Everyone speaks how modern people are in today’s society. However, it does not prevent people from making huge mistakes and being reckless.

Although exotic pet trading has nothing to do with humanity, environmental rights, or modernization; people pay attention to the fancy look of it. Moreover, looking into the exotic pet trade statistics, we just understand the horrifying face of the mankind. I have come across a video by Zinc on Facebook and this triggered me to write this article to share the video with you.

Maybe we cannot put the business to the end hundred percent, but we can easily stand up against the people being part of it to decrease the demand and profit in these types of business fields. If there is not much profit and demand, illegal exotic pet traders will not be able to gain outstanding profits which will narrow down the piece of the pie.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family to increase awareness on this subject. Let’s stop this illegal action and save wild animals!