Does Social Media Popularity Means Social in Real Life?


The internet has evolved rapidly in the last couple decades. This transformation has also changed the way our lives into something else – something way different. Today, people evaluate your social life by the social media popularity such as the number of your followers, retweets, post shares, etc. Do you really think your social life depends on your social media accounts?

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Social Media Accounts have become our identities as demand in popularity drastically increased in the society. Especially, young generations are out of control with their social media use. There are many brand-new platforms coming to online word every day to drag users into theirs. Photo shares, selfies, tweets, snaps, video shares, vines and the list goes on. Even doctors cannot really identify the crave feeling for being more and more popular.

Social Media Popularity Captures Youth

Youngsters share their foods, drinks, family members, friends, cloths, and cars – anything you can think of – on the online world. However, have you ever spotted young people on a restaurant or café, all looking at their phone instead of each other? Smiling only for photos or when they reach to certain amount of likes. Sometimes, it can reach to level of disgust realizing how they lost themselves in a fake world.

Although we don’t have much to change the era of the internet, we should educate future generations. Therefore they can understand the real need for the use of social media besides showing off their so called “Social Life.” As the social media becomes stronger, people feel much lonelier in their daily life. They lose their interest to a friend sitting across the table because of others wait on the phone all the time.

I have decided to write this article because of a video I have spotted on the web created by British clothing company, Boohoo.  From Manchester’s best kept fashion secret to one of the fastest growing international e-tailers, has quickly evolved into a global fashion leader of its generation.

I really believe that the video has been brilliantly put together and carries on highly critical message. We all need to pause and think about for a moment to change the way we react to social media popularity. Turning our daily lives into social activity must be much more important as a life goal.