Fashion Figures to Watch in 2018

With social media changing the game of fashion influencers and trends, these are the top picks of influencers to watch in 2018.

Sita ABellan (IG: @sitabellan) Sita ABellan - Fashion Trends 2018

Anything but shy, she rocks designer pieces, mixing street-wear with high end; her daring outfits will leave you endlessly inspired. She’s recently collaborated with many major celebrities on photo shoots and styling gigs, such as Kim Kardashian.

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Shop her brand here:

Adriana Sahar (IG: @adrianasahar)Adriana Sahar Fashion Trends 2018

Based out of LA, Adriana not only designs her own lines, but pushes limits in her personal style.  Confidently curvy, confidently sexy; her style is full of fun.

Shop her styles here:

Ms Nina (IG: @MsNinaOJorgeline)MsNina Fashion Trends 2018

Ms Nina is actually an influencer of the music scene, but you can’t ignore her style.  With some spice from Madrid, she serves looks all over the spectrum; a fashion rock star.

Heir Jordyn (IG: @JordynWoods)Heir Jordyn Fashion Trends 2018

Recognizable from Kylie Jenner’s photos, Jordyn has gained influence by Kylie’s side.  But I think her style stands out independently.  A great figure for curve women, she makes latest trends, and edgy outfits work for a curve body, and proves that fashion is for all figures.

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Yeha Leung (IG: @Creedyyeha)Yeha Leung Fashion Trends 2018

Creepy or sexy?  Yeha designs custom pieces, based out of NYC.  His lingerie and bondage are nothing like you’ve seen before, and the way he styles his pieces convinces you to try wearing it during the day.

Shop Now:

Fecal Matter (IG: @matieresfecales)Fecal Matter Fashion Trends 2018

…You just have to check them out.  Montreal based.

Shop them here:


Sarina Nowak (IG: @sarina_nowak)Sarina Nowak Fashion Trends 2018

Different from the rest, Sarina is a LA based model, with a great style for basics.  She influences fashion for curve bodies, and shows how to stay trendy and classic at the same time. And she’s so darn cute!

Stefneyv (IG: @stefneyv)Stefneyv Fashion Trends 2018

Street-wear dream come true.  Stefney is located in London, and rocks a new street-wear look everyday.  Athleisure, matching sets, and sneakers, oh my.

Shop Her Fave Streetwear Styles Here: The Couture Club

MIRA (IG: @mira_hirsch)MIRA Fashion Trends 2018

Mira is another body positive activist, and fashion enthusiast.  Her day to day wear is totally relatable, realistic, and looks great on a curve body!



Sophie Lewis (IG: @sophaaaaa)Sophie Lewis Fashion Trends 2018

Sophie is actually a hair stylist, but dabbles in fashion, and body positive activism.  Her styles leans towards street-wear, but she switches it up.

Shop her Depop Here: