How Can You Sell a Hoarder House Fast?


Selling a hoarder house is an exhausting process. Due to high risks on investing into a hoarder house, it’s hard to find an offer close to property’s real worth. Most house sellers experience hard time finding a reputable cash home buyer. So, we offer guaranteed all-cash offer for our customers to meet the needs of our customers. Our main goal is hundred-percent customer satisfaction in every deal. In order to meet our goal, we delicately respond to any request in the market.

Recently, we have realized increasing number of people who face problems selling hoarder houses in the market. For briefly answering your questions, we have decided to prepare this article. As a good start, first we need to identify what hoarder disorder and a hoarder house is. Later, we can point out how selling a hoarder house is any different than a usual property in the market.

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What is Hoarder Disorder (HD)?

Simply, a hoarder is a person who has trouble getting rid of possessions because of building emotions with them. Looking at the situation from far, it seems very general. In fact, we all experience hard time getting rid of the items with sentimental value. However, hoarder disorder is very critical condition and requires special care.

How to Understand Someone with Hoarder Disorder? How to Hande the Situation?

You should understand that it’s not an easy situation neither for you nor for the person who lives with hoarder disorder. If you’re a supporter for a person struggling hoarding, you must show empathy and be patient. The easiest way of empathizing is thinking about the most valuable item in your life and understanding that a person with a hoarder disorder feels the same way for every belonging in their lives.

As it’s nearly impossible for a person with a hoarder disorder to get rid of any item, it’s overwhelming. However, there are few ways make the situation more acceptable for supporters including support groups.

If you believe someone near you struggles with hoarding, but don’t accept the fact, it’s the best to inform officials. Virginia Department of Health Professions accepts online complaint form regarding Hoarder Disorder where you can anonymously file a complaint. You can find the link below:

Access the Online Complaint Form

There is also an online hoarding support group where you can anonymously discuss matters related to hoarding. Whether you suffer from hoarding yourself or you’re a supporter, you will reach to crucial information about the matter. Check out the link below for more details:

Online Hoarding Support Group

What are the Major Problems on Selling a Hoarder House?

Finding cash home buyers is already difficult. Even more, selling a hoarder house for cash is much more difficult task. Let us explain why:

First, most houses listed on the market are being purchased by locals. In usual sales, local buyers’ knowledge and insights on the market makes the decision-making process easier. However, hoarder houses don’t have a good reputation in the neighborhood. So, locals are hesitant to pursue with a purchase of a hoarder house.

Cleaning is another important issue. As people struggling with hoarding hold onto excessive amount of possessions, hoarder houses are stacked with too many items. The process of getting rid of all these items and dealing with their logistics is overwhelming and expensive. Without handling the situation, it’s impossible to have an open house for potential buyer. Because people who will see the mess are likely to reconsider their other options.

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What is the Fastest Way to Sell a Hoarder House?

It might seem impossible to execute a successful hoarder house sale for cash. Therefore, you might be wondering if there is a quick way to sell a hoarder house. The answer is Yes. Contact cash home buyers to evaluate your house and sell it fast.