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Should I Use GoDaddy Hosting for My Blog?


Do you often ask yourself Should I Use GoDaddy for my Blog? We list all the answers to your questions. No question GoDaddy is one of the most well-known hosting providers across world. However, I would never suggest you use GoDaddy services if you’re not tech-savvy. Currently, we are using GoDaddy services for our platform because it’s convenient. At least, it used to be. In the beginning, GoDaddy might seem, they provide high quality service for cheap prices. However, this is not the reality. They always find a way to overcharge you in order to make more profits. Moreover, their “Award Winning Chat Support” does nothing for your convenience. Let’s take it slowly and go step by step why we hate their customer service.

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Is GoDaddy Cheaper than Other Hosting Providers?

The listed prices might seem very cheap, but it isn’t when you compare what you get for what you paid. For a simple hosting, you get a great deal, but if you get some hits RAM will not be enough. So, your website ends up with some down time until you upgrade to another service. Usually, they make you pay for a whole year, so you have some money invested in the company. This is why you usually don’t want to move your website until your term is over. In the end, this is how they make money.

Should I Use GoDaddy SSL for My Blog?

Many bloggers choose GoDaddy SSL because it’s much more convenient to have when your website is hosted by GoDaddy. Yet, it doesn’t worth it because it’s much more expensive than the other available SSL certificates online. I know because we’ve been in the same situation not long ago. Right now, we are in search of a better hosting provider and looking forward to moving our website. Although we have made a year payment for the hosting and SSL for one year, we just want to get some better service for what we pay for.

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Can I Cancel My GoDaddy Hosting and Get a Refund?

Should I Use GoDaddy Hosting for My Blog (2)Yes, you can, but only if you do it in the first month. There is a certain pattern you need to follow before cancelling your hosting service. First, you must make sure you back up your website locally, so you don’t have to fight over your content. Later, change your domain to a different provider just to avoid having a suspended account. Because if they suspend your account you don’t really have any option to make any changes. Then, contact customer service for a refund and it’ll go through depending on your bank policy.

Can I Just Revoke the Payment to GoDaddy Instead of Canceling My Service?

You can revoke the payment through your bank if GoDaddy is not looking to refund your purchases due to their horrible policies. However, you need to back up everything locally because they will suspend your account right away. They will not let you access anything unless you pay the same amount again plus 50USD penalty for revoke payment. To be honest, I will follow this pattern if I ever get to use GoDaddy services again because their policies are horrible. They will use any advantage to charge you extra for no reason. Even if your account is suspended, you cannot use other services you paid in advance. So, make sure you have nothing to do with GoDaddy if you’re planning to revoke payments.

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When Should I Use GoDaddy Services?Should I Use GoDaddy Hosting for My Blog (3)

I think the only time that you should use GoDaddy is for purchasing domain names. Other than that, I would never use it. Even when you contact their chat support, they kind of make fun of you. Because they know you need their services at that moment and they will charge you extra for it. We are in contact with few hosting providers and we’ll inform you by the time we move our website. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to us and we’ll evaluate advantages and disadvantages.

Should I use GoDaddy Domain Services?

As I mentioned in the previous section, it’s much more convenient to use GoDaddy domain services. However, make sure your credit card in the system is valid because missing the renewal date, you pay much more. We have also written an article about GoDaddy Auction Scams, you can read more about that process.

As a result, these companies are major ones running the online world for years. You might want to focus on the smaller companies which are more eager to provide you better services. Don’t just fall for the policy traps that will always make you pay extra. Find out about everything thoroughly before making any commitment. Because blogging is supposed to be fun and having bad experience turns it into a disastrous situation. Moreover, we are not alone! Check out How to Jump Ship from GoDaddy to a Better Web Host and Registrar for detailed information.

Should I Use GoDaddy Hosting for My Blog

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