Free Education Action in San Francisco will Set an Example


Education is one of the most important components for an individual to stand out in today’s environment. Even though observation might show differences according to each person’s ability, each person finds something beneficial for them to receive. No matter how little a person takes; everyone needs some level of university or college education which is only possible if free education is available. On the contrary, education is becoming much less affordable in general.

San Francisco announces good news on free education

In February, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Jane Kim announced that the city will provide free education for eveyone without questioning if they are in need or not. This action will take its place in history as being executed by a metropolitan area. The city will execute the decision starting this fall. More than 28,000 students will be affected by this amazing opportunity to continue their education. Additionally, the deal will also help low-income students by providing $250 for neccessities such as books, commute, etc.

I hope this free education action of San Francisco will set an example for the other areas across the nation. Due to the importance of educated people for the nation, United States Authorities should take a critical action for encouraging cities.

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