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School Survival Guide: How to Effectively Prepare for Tests


With a couple of very rare exceptions, you simply can’t do well in school without doing well on tests. This is for good reason because tests are an excellent method of evaluating what you have learned. This involves more than just having a good knowledge of your subject but it also means developing strong study habits which will effectively prepare you on test day. To that end, here are three strategies on how you can become better at preparing for your tests.

Develop Strong Note-Taking Techniques

Good notetaking is about more than just writing down everything you hear, it’s about doing so in a way that gives you the insights you need into the subject matter in question, and later, the exam. This requires two distinct knowledge sets. First, according to Booksrun, you should consider what style of notetaking works best for you. Ask yourself this: how do you need to write in order for you to remember and analyze the material? Second, what does your instructor test on, and what knowledge do you have to learn in order to prepare for their test?

Create a Study Plan

Once you have your testing schedule, it’s best to create a study plan. Know what days you need to study and have set goals to determine when you need to master which parts of your subject by. Develop progress goals and have a backup plan in case you miss a day. There are other options as well. For example, according to HRCP, group study gives you support and insights from other classmates, but self-study allows you to go at your own pace and at the time you want.

Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes, you need that extra jolt to get moving. This can come in the form of an accountability buddy or study partner. Have someone that you study with on a regular basis—or at least a required study check-in person. Use that person to hold you to your study goals and do the same for them. This way, you aren’t just responsible for yourself, but to another. This is often an extra motivation for people who need it.

Studying isn’t a willy-nilly pursuit. It’s something which you need to invest time, effort, energy and planning into. The good news here is that, with some thought, you can make real academic progress. Start with these three steps, and you will be well on your way towards developing outstanding study habits.

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