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Health and Safety Resources Available on Campuses


College can be a difficult time for students, particularly when they first arrive on campus. That’s why it is so important that every college student has access to world-class resources which can help them succeed physically, emotionally and academically. As such, here are three important resources that every college should have, and of which every college student should be aware.

Health and Counseling Centers

Everyone gets sick. As such, every student should make sure that they are aware of the location of the student health center. More often than not, these health centers will have nurses or doctors who can diagnose basic illnesses, prescribe medication or make referrals when someone needs further assistance. When it comes to mental health, unfortunately, rates of mental illness and suicide are rising among college students. This means that college students have to have resources that are easily accessible to them. Counseling centers have become important parts of all campuses, as they often offer therapy, group sessions or access to additional mental health resources when students need more help than the counseling center can provide.

Title IX Office

Sexual harassment is a broad category that includes a list of behaviors, and unfortunately, it remains a major challenge in society and at college. Thankfully, all colleges which receive federal funding are required to have some sort of Title IX office, which will help to combat gender issues like sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination. If you, as a student, believe that you are being discriminated against because of your gender, or if you suffer a gender-specific crime, you should immediately seek assistance from your Title IX Office. They will help you in filing a complaint and remedying whatever situation has occurred.

Police Walking Companionship Service

When you’re on campus late at night studying in the library and you’re ready to come home, it can be a bit scary to walk across campus to your dorm in the late-night hours. Many universities have a police walking companionship service you can use to help you get to your dorm safely when it’s late. A campus police or security officer can walk you to your dormitory or apartment (if it’s near campus) so you don’t have to walk alone on campus in the dark. It’s a great service for those students who feel unsafe walking alone at night, especially women who are afraid of being attacked by sexual predators.

Challenges in college are just like challenges in the real world: Difficulties will always occur, but they can certainly be overcome. It is vital for every college student to understand what resources they have at their disposal, and it is just as important that all colleges adequately support their students by making these resources available and ensuring that information about their availability is easily accessible. A college student can only succeed if they are placed in an environment that allows them to do so, and resources like the ones listed above are often the distance between a positive and negative college experience.
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