Why do Shithole Minds Govern Our Generation?


I know you all expect this article to focus on President Trump’s Shithole Bomb. Unfortunately it does not. This article is all about some fictional characters ruling our society with shithole minds and its effects on our generation. Of course, I cannot deny that the inspiration for this piece was President Trump’s amazing use of language. He is certainly a wordplay expert; he just doesn’t know how to put the lid on when needed.

Before jumping into anything I would like to explain why Trump’s language use is so attractive to me. I came to the United States for the first time in 2009 with little knowledge of English. I spent months learning how to identify nouns, adjectives, etc. I wanted to use them properly to avoid embarrassment, something every bilingual fears, which was rough. I had to think for a significant amount of time before allowing words to come out of my mouth.

Shithole (noun/vulgar slang): an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

On the contrary, President Trump doesn’t even bother to think for a moment before speaking. He just lets the words fly away. Even more, he uses “shithole” as an adjective although it’s a noun according to Dictionary.com. Isn’t that amazing? The ability to use language in your own special way as though no one cares. This is every immigrant’s dream though I am sure it isn’t President Trump’s primary concern.

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Aside from the linguistic perspective, Trump doesn’t have to be politically correct even though he’s the most important politician on earth. I see him as the most important politician because he currently fills the most strategic presidential seat in the world. Unfortunately, it’s not because of his great achievements or contribution to world peace.

Therefore, I don’t blame President Trump because I believe that ‘the elephant in the room’ is greater. It’s so enormous that narrowing the responsibility down to a single person would be miserable for our future. I hope everyone in our society can acknowledge the direction we’re heading in and do their share for a positive change.

If we look at the various political environments around the world, we can identify the tendency for political extremism. Basically it’s “hate in politics”. Voters prefer supporting extreme ideas to observe some sort of radical change because people are seeking to change their standard of living. Periodically, different ideologies filter into society and shape our values, which are constantly changing. These values have been primarily related to skin color, religion, ethnic background, etc., depending on the region.

Yet the most discussed issue across the globe is immigration. This problem doesn’t only exist in the United States, it’s a much broader issue spread across the world. The majority of the world undervalues immigrants. People forget why these people feel obligated to leave their homes for a slight chance of obtaining a better lifestyle. It is quite easy to blame immigrants, saying that they steal away jobs, but why is it so hard to admit that there is someone else who is willing to sacrifice much more for the same thing you desire to have? Additionally, immigrants choose to live in the country they migrate to, which provides them with more determination towards their goals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian immigrant, is one of the most significant examples of how beneficial an immigrant can become for a country. He has shown outstanding success in every platform. He has achieved countless things not only personally but also for the American Nation. Instead of focusing on how to get rid of immigrants, why don’t leaders focus on finding more people like Mr. Schwarzenegger?

Because it’s much easier to blame others. Creating a fake enemy for public hatred helps to collect votes from people who are currently struggling. Pretending that we are all fighting together against a common enemy binds people together. This is one of the oldest tricks politicians have used throughout history.

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What is the Solution for Preventing Shithole Minds from Destroying Our Generation?

This is basically a war. Simply put, our generation is becoming more poisonous every day and we need to turn it in the opposite direction. I strongly believe that the increasing demand for a better quality of life has turned the majority of our society into monsters. There is only one way out of this messy situation: EDUCATION!

I am not talking about traditional education consists of math, physics, chemistry, etc. We must start educating our children about the great men and women in history to fill them with a sense of purpose, a purpose that will help the next generation set priorities in their lives. Slowly, step by step, we will form youth with great aspirations to create a better society.

I am aware that it sounds highly utopian, but wouldn’t it be worth it to at least try to revolutionize the future?