Protesting Paragon Sporting Goods Company in New York City


February 17th, 2018 – New Yorkers gathered together for protesting Paragon Sporting Goods Company in New York City. No doubt, people of New York have always been one of the most prudent crowds across the world. There have been many significant protests occurred in the region which made huge difference throughout the history. Today, New Yorkers target is Paragon Sporting Goods Company for carrying on animal cruelty.

It’s been a while since the last protest happened in April 15, 2017. However, people haven’t forgotten about it and seems that they’re determined to continue until it’s over. So, let’s find out triggering reasons behind these protests and understand why it’s highly crucial to support it.

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Why People are Protesting Paragon Sporting Goods Company in New York City?

As you all know, fur goods have been controversial argument across the world for many years. Many companies are still using real animal fur for producing fashionable products. However, companies acquire most of these materials with brutal procedures. Apparently, Paragon Sporting Goods company is Canada Goose fur to produce some of their products.

What should Companies do to Stop Animal Cruelty?

Regardless of the manufacturing process, companies should understand that public is highly sensitive about goods made with real animal fur and take an action to shut down their operations. Of course, companies must consider their profitability for a line of their products. However, increasing protests for items with animal skins and fur will cause more harm to brand in the long run.

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What Can We Do to Stop Animal Cruelty?

First, we need to understand all animals are living organisms just like us, humans! In any industry, animal cruelty is not cool and has to stop. There is one simple step to play an important role for stopping animal cruelty. Stop buying it, so that you will stop financing companies for animal cruelty with your money. Learn more about it, discover manufacturing processes and encourage your circle for taking an action.