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Trump and Putin Mind Games Remind Cold War Era


Looking at the ongoing recent events, Trump and Putin mind games remind cold war era. Most authorities are afraid about the possible economic dead-end. What should be the further steps to avoid growing problems between two nations? What is the real story behind all these problems? Why Russia and USA can’t get along if Trump has a secret connection with Russian Authorities? There are many questions people ask, but some are nearly impossible to answer.

Regional Policies about Trump and Putin Mind Games Remind Cold War Era

USA and Russia has an ongoing competition on strategic leadership going all the way back to Soviet Union times. Although US is the world leader with its economic and military power for decades, Russia wants authority as well. Yes, Russia has lost too much power after dissolution of the Soviet Union. Especially, economy in the region has suffered many years. However, its military power still continues as they have caught up with technology during cold war era.

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In fact, cold war era has helped Russian authorities to be on the alert for possible active war all the time. Since Putin has taken over the Kremlin Office, Russia’s military power has drastically increased. Putin’s rigid policies in the soviet region and implementing these policies into the Middle East Region drawn attention. There are only few countries have a good partnership with Russian Government such as China, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Country Relationships about Trump and Putin Mind Games Remind Cold War Era

Among these countries, Turkey and Russia partnership could be considered as the poorest relation. Due to conflicts over Syria policies and Russia’s close relationship with terrorist organizations in Middle East. However, Turkey’s ongoing troubles with European Union and USA increases the significance of this relationship.

During the presidential election campaign, candidate Trump didn’t hesitate to show his admire for Putin’s leadership. Yet, after elections, Trump’s policies over the Middle East Region didn’t match with Russia’s policies. As everyone remembers, Trump executed U.S. Missiles Hit Syria Air Base which ended with Putin’s brutal response.

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Later, some American analysts mentioned that Syria’s chemical attacks might be a false flag. However, Trump didn’t back from his decision and said they will have further steps if Syria Government continues. While having these policies, US Government has continued to increase their ammunition support to local terrorist group YPG. Unfortunately, this move has created more reaction from the countries in the region. Primarily Turkish President Erdogan has mentioned this is a betrayal of a NATO ally.

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Recent Developments about Trump and Putin Mind Games Remind Cold War Era

Recently, Russian Officials have announced that 745 of 1,200 people in US embassy and consulates have to leave the country. Many authorities pointed out this move as Kremlin’s cutting diplomatic relationship with White House. Moreover, they have focused on these actions stating it might lead to broader problems between two nations.

As a counterattack, Trump signs Russia sanctions law although he explained it as “flawed”. According to Reuters Report, President Trump has announced his signing: “While I favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by Iran, North Korea, and Russia, this legislation is significantly flawed”.

As I mentioned in the beginning of our article, there are many questions without any easy answer. Unfortunately, we need to wait and see new updates on these policies. Moreover, we have to consider its effects in the global economy and politics.

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