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Everything You Should Know About Elon Musk


We have gathered everything you should know about Elon Musk, Canadian-American businessman, inventor, engineer, and investor. Although it’s not possible to write down every single detail for a person like him, we’ve gathered remarks for you. Before jumping into his outstanding journey, I have to mention his achievements are indisputable. Unlike many billionaires, he hasn’t completed his evolvement and constantly work on brand-new developments for our society. Let’s move into our article and learn more information about him.

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Everything You Should Know About Elon Musk Family Background

Elon Musk, born and raised in South Africa, certainly reflects the innovative and risk-taker genes of his heritage. His personality is not just coincidence. Let me explain why. Guess who was the first chiropractor in Canada; Elon Musk’s great-grandmother! Therefore, his grandparents flew from South Africa to Australia with a single-engine plane for the first time. Additionally, Musk’s grandfather won a race from Cape Town to Algiers.

Of course, making an era is not only limited to Elon Musk’s grandparents. Elon’s father was also an engineer and entrepreneur like him while his mother is a successful dietician and fashion model. Moreover, his mother, Maye Musk posed nude for New York magazine in 2011.

I’m sure now you understand where Elon Musk’s insanity about innovations come from. There are many billionaires who have increased their family wealth. However, Elon Musk used their genes on creating the path of changing the world. In the next section, let’s look into Elon Musk’s personal life.

Everything You Should Know About Elon Musk Personal Life

Riley and Musk has ended their marriage in March 2016As every successful businessman, Elon Musk also has ups and downs in his personal life. His first marriage was with novelist, Justine Musk who he met at university. In 2008, the couple decided to separate their ways. Justine decided to share her experience through divorce with a book: “I Was a Starter Wife; Inside America’s Messiest Divorce.”

Later, Elon Musk had a second marriage which attracted more attention from public. He has married to British actress Talulah Riley in 2010. Unlike long-lasting relationships, Musk and Riley engaged only 6 weeks after meeting in a London nightclub. Their marriage was wavy too. In 2012, the couple divorced after 2 years of getting married. However, they have decided to remarry only 18 months later of their divorce.

In 2014 New Year’s Eve, Riley has filed divorce papers to end their second marriage, but withdraw seven months later. In the end, Riley and Musk has ended their marriage in March 2016. Now, although there are many rumors about Musk, he isn’t married yet.

List of Some Notable Elon Musk Companies

  • Zip2
  • com
  • PayPal
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla Motors

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Everything You Should Know About Elon Musk Business Life

List of Some Notable Elon Musk CompaniesI have to start this section by saying Elon Musk is one of the most influential businessman we’ll ever have. As you can see in the previous section, all the companies with Musk’s touch has unique mission in our society. Of course, the most important characteristic of multinational corporations is not being dependent on one individual for their strategy. However, I believe Elon Musk’s vision and dedication on innovating plays highly critical role.

If we look into Musk’s dedication and vision, we can sense same feeling as the industrial revolution in the past. Besides all his achievements in the past, Musk’s current projects are the most attractive ones among them. Yes, I mean SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Although every person in their 30s grew up with imagination of becoming an astronaut, I’m more interested with Tesla Motors. This could possibly be related to my interest in cars, but also the vision behind company.

Tesla Motors has released their first model the Roadster in 2008. It was certainly a new phase for the automobile industry. Even many laughed to the idea of electric sport car. There were many people against the idea of using battery as source of energy. People complained that it wouldn’t be convenient, it could cost way more than gasoline in the long run. However, Musk has structured his way through all these problems way before the first release. Today, Tesla Motors is one of the most successful car company in the automobile history.

I want to write individual articles about Musk’s companies, so everything you should know about Elon Musk article ends here. Thank you for reading! Feel free to share.

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