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Linkin Park Front-man Chester Bennington Commits Suicide


On July 21, 2017 – Linkin Park Front-man Chester Bennington Commits Suicide in his house. Unfortunately, the celebrity world loses another amazing person. People in their late 20’s and 30’s will certainly remember amazing songs of the legendary group Linkin Park. Today, fans woke up to indefinable news about the Linkin Park’s front-man Chester Bennington.

Numb (2003), In the End (2000), Crawling (2000), What I’ve Done (2007) and many others. There is not much explanation necessary for the world-wide known group. The legendary group has written many songs over the years. Their amazing work has reached to countless places around the world and built huge number of fans. Today, fans honor his memory listening to his music in the past.

In the past, 41-year old singer Bennington had drug and alcohol abuse problems. The singer was married to Talinda and had six children from his two marriages. It’s so unfortunate that his suicide occurred on his long-term friend Chris Cornell’s birthday. In Cornell’s funeral in May, he sang for the crowd of mourners. In the funeral, he has mentioned his deep feelings for losing Cornell.

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Linkin Park Front-man Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

His employee has found him hung-up upon arrival. The breaking news on Chester Bennington’s Suicide was announced only 2 hours after release of new video of the group. Local officials have announced that Bennington’s death seems apparent suicide, but didn’t reveal more information on inspection.

Law enforcement officials have mentioned he hang himself from a door just like his long-lasting friend Chris Cornell. During the time of the incident, he was home alone.

His friends have arrived to his home after the incident. Although most of his friends have mentioned that he wasn’t the same after Chris Cornell’s death, they have said none of his friends would think of him committing suicide. No matter how Chester Bennington come to point of committing suicide, everyone will miss him with great memories.

The New Video Linkin Park Released before Linkin Park Front-man Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

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