What Will Happen to Uber after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns Company?


After numerous scandals occurred this year, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns recently. However there are many questions about Uber’s future. As you can recall, there have been number of different unfortunate events revealed about Uber last year. Susan Fowler Rigetti’s article about her experience in the company has drawn attention to company. Later, different occasions followed encouraging people to boycott Uber. However, Mr. Kalanick’s resignation might lead to more troubles for the company in the long run.

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First, I always believe that CEO’s should be able to stay behind the camera if they want a stable business. Especially multinational corporations have to keep the relationship in balance because success is a team work. Otherwise, losing company’s CEO might drastically effect its future plans. Remember how Steve Jobs stepped out of his chair prior to his death. Yes! Although it is hard to believe, I certainly believe this decision was related to business more than personal choices. Apparently, he succeeded to leave an amazing corporation behind.

In Mr. Kalanick’s case, I believe that he did not have the capability to stay as a member of successful team. On the contrary, he seemed too powerful and acted as one man army. This mistake has created differentiation which may cause horrible incidents in the long run. Looking into the accusations, I think it was not something Kalanick wouldn’t handle. So, what was the reason behind his take off?

What was the Reason Behind the Decision of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns Company?

In consideration of Travis Kalanick’s personality, I certainly believe he would quit a fight that easily. However, we all know that the social media has huge impact in the business field. Particularly corporations like Uber might have much more trouble as the business is mostly tech related. This is the main reason I believe he just chose to back from a fight instead losing a bigger one.

Think about it. Peoples rage against the brand has just kept increasing over the few months affecting company’s financial plans. The company is already losing millions of dollars in the Chinese Market. The company wouldn’t risk losing more profits in the American and European market. Maybe, Uber has already lost the game and Travis just didn’t want to be leading the ship during its sink.

I am sure there are many more questions in investors’ minds, but we will have to wait and see about company’s future.

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