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How to Buy Clubhouse Followers


The most popular question according to recent search terms in the online world: how to buy Clubhouse followers. As you know Clubhouse is an audio based Twitter-like app that has been launched recently. Although the Clubhouse app didn’t take off quickly after its launch, it started to get the all attention upon few celebrities making appearances in the app like Elon Musk. However, there are few things people are still trying to figure out especially for their professional accounts. We have decided to address some of those points.

Why Clubhouse is so Popular?

Although most social media platforms become popular when they first come out, I believe there are few different reasons relying behind Clubhouse’s success. In comparison to other social media platforms, Clubhouse is more suitable for self-education and professional development. Imagine Instagram and Twitter where your feed is fed up with bunch of funny memes or useless videos while Clubhouse is more focused on real influencers who have certain knowledge on their professions. Moreover, the app is set as an invitation-based which makes it more attractive as not everybody is allowed on the platform.

Find out more about more on Clubhouse here:

Where to Buy Invitation to Clubhouse Instantly

Who Can Use Clubhouse for Business?

Although there is no limit to who can use Clubhouse for business purposes, there are some professions that are more likely to benefit more than others. Here is the top 10 list for the most suitable businesses for using Clubhouse for business approach:

  1. Top Executives
  2. Financial Consultants
  3. Life Coaches
  4. Authors
  5. Entrepreneurs
  6. Marketing Specialists
  7. Business Strategy Consultants
  8. Influencers
  9. Celebrities
  10. Sales Consultants

Where Can I Safely buy Clubhouse Followers for my Business Account?

SMF NET is a great company that has been providing for over ten years with their professional social media marketing team. Although they provide wide array of services, they also allow customers to buy social media followers in secured and reliable way. I personally use their services for few years and have never run into any trouble. So I have decided to move forward and try their Clubhouse follower service which was outstanding. It was super quick and highly trustworthy.

When I purchased it, they were offering up to 5.000 Clubhouse followers, but now they have raised the bar to 10.000 followers. I am sure they will be increasing their follower database for larger requests in the near future. Here is a snap from their perspective on why to choose their services:

Boosts Your Followers!

If you are looking to grow your audience in social media, your presence requires dedication and hard work. Especially if you are looking to become an influencer, you must dedicate most of your time on content creation and planning. However, there are so many professional accounts get lost due to not having presentable follower base. Our tech team is dedicated to provide you with high quality followers in order to increase awareness for your account.

Editors Opinion

If you are having anxiety attack while presenting your Clubhouse account to your professional circle, you might want to consider buying Clubhouse followers. This will allow you to focus on creating content and a better strategy to engage your audience. Most of the time, people waste so much time on increasing followers that they lose their motivation on delivering valuable information. Don’t make the same mistake and enjoy what you are really good at!

How to Buy Clubhouse Followers

How to buy Clubhouse Followers Step 2

Choose the number of followers you would like the purchase ranging from 100 to 10000 at the moment.

How to buy Clubhouse Followers Step 3

Enter your Clubhouse account name and click Buy Now button

How to buy Clubhouse Followers Step 4

Choose your preferred payment method and fill out the required information

Finalize your payment

Where to Buy Invitation to Clubhouse Instantly


Clubhouse – the audio-based social network – has rapidly reached global awareness although it is an exclusive network. Being an exclusive network has significantly increased the number of people asking where to buy invitation to Clubhouse instantly. So, if you are also looking for a Clubhouse invitation, this is your lucky day.

Usually, I do not suggest any ecommerce links for the customers. However, I feel comfortable suggesting this one as I had to use this service. It is very simple, you just send the payment and provide your information. Unfortunately, most my friends are Android users and Clubhouse is an Apple exclusive app. So, I think this was one of the main reasons that I had no friends to send me an invitation.

This website offers instant Clubhouse invitation internationally. You can simply click on the link below and fill out the form to buy your link immediately:

Buy Instant Clubhouse Invitation

What is Clubhouse? Why do you need to buy an Invitation to Clubhouse?

The company (Alpha Exploration Co.) describes the platform as an audio-based social network while software analyst Jordan Minor describes it as Twitter as a podcast you live inside of. Users drop audio conversations with the other people on the app whether its a public or private conversation room.

10 Apps to Get Instagram Followers


Every Instagram user dreams of having many followers. Our list of 10 Apps to Get Instagram Followers will help you to quickly reach your goals.

Use Dating Apps to get Instagram followers

It’s simple. Take advantage of people who are willing to meet you and use it for increasing followers on Instagram.

Style your Instagram content

Deliver better quality content to increase your followers. Make sure the content is created beautifully.

Schedule your Instagram posts

If you use Instagram post scheduler apps, you will take an advantage of being constantly active when your followers are active.

Design your Instagram profile

You can design your Instagram profile in order to look different and attract more followers. Click to learn more about the best app in the market.

There are hundreds of free apps to get Instagram followers. Some of these apps are specifically designed for increasing Instagram followers while others have different purposes such as dating, styling, etc. There are even people who uses games to increase their social media popularity. I’m sure you have been in the social media for some time now, but if you are new to focusing on increasing followers it might become overwhelming. So, these apps will help you to ease the process.

Why it’s important to have many followers on Instagram?

It’s basically impossible to analyze and answer this question with few sentences. Due to formation of our society, people feel required to have more followers and become popular. The urge of having more followers has even created new ways for making money by becoming online influencers. Yet, the increasing use of social media also makes the competition harder every day. So, you need to create a solid plan and use apps to get Instagram followers.

Dating Apps to Get Instagram Followers

10 Apps to Get Instagram Followers Use Tinder to get Instagram
10 Apps to Get Instagram Followers

Basically, all dating apps are useful for increasing Instagram follower. However, there are some apps are much more useful to increase your followers on Instagram. First, understand that Instagram is one of the largest platform that allows people to connect over visual image. If you are using your social media as an individual, dating apps are great choice. The most common way is using tinder to get Instagram followers.

Although Tinder is number one dating app tor increasing Instagram followers, here is the full list of dating apps to increase social media followers:

  1. Tinder
  2. Bumble
  3. Hinge
  4. Okcupid
  5. Happn

Styling Apps to Get Instagram Followers

In order to increase your Instagram followers, you must deliver high quality content. These apps are useful for both individuals and corporate accounts. Once you start delivering high quality content, you will start seeing drastic increase on your followers over time. There are many apps developed specifically for styling your social media accounts. Even more, these are not limited to Instagram and they serve great deal of tools for platforms such as Facebook, Snap chat, and Pinterest. Here is the list of styling apps to increase your Instagram Followers:

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Pixlr Photo Editor

Although these apps are not limited to these three we have listed, I believe these are the most useful and convenient apps across the market. Once you start using these applications for content creation, you will see how easy to build an appealing Instagram account that users are willing to follow.

Scheduling Apps to Increase Instagram Followers

Under this category, we will provide you with some apps that will allow you to organize your Instagram account. As you might know, being periodically active is a key element for building crowd of followers. Whether they are hooked to your content due to special topic or subject, they will require you to be active for not losing interest to your content. So, content scheduler apps are the most useful for increasing followers on Instagram.

The number one content scheduler app for Instagram is Tailwind. You can start using tailwind with free trial so you can understand the basics of the app for scheduling you Instagram posts. In addition to scheduling feature, tailwind also provides hashtag finder feature which allows you to identify popular hashtags for being seen by more people.

Instagram Profile Designer App

This one is my favorite! I think everyone who is targeting to increase Instagram followers must use this app to design their social accounts. The name of the app is PuzzleStar. There are number of different layouts for you to choose from and apply to your Instagram account in order to have beautifully designed Instagram account.

Plus Size Irregular Sexy Dress Review


I believe fashion strictly relies on how the product fits on you. Especially if you are looking for a plus size irregular sexy dress, it’s way more crucial to find the perfect match that will reflect your body type, skin color and characteristic. Today, you have many options provided to you online as eCommerce market is booming across the globe. Seriously, who does have time to go out and hunt for dresses in different stores for hours? Yet, you need to know where to shop online if you want to enjoy the quality of items you purchase.

Plus Size Irregular Sexy Dress

Most of my friends rely on my ability to designate high quality ecommerce stores and choose items which are considered fashionable. In my experience, my plus-sized friends are the ones who struggle the most. So, after I got my friend this long dress as a gift, I just couldn’t help myself without leaving a product and company review out there to show my appreciation.

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Let me start by introducing the company. The company is called KIS and they offer number of different women fashion items with competitive prices. The most important perk offered by the company is that they offer free worldwide shipping which is one of the most important components when you shop online if you are looking to save money.

Women Fashion Products

Weather you are looking for a bohemian formal dress to wear at work or a long dress while taking children to the beach, KIS has them all available for you with just few clicks. The pricing of the company is very compatible even though there is free worldwide shipping which provides more room for you to order different selections of items for your closet. You will be able to have variety of options for creating different combinations according to the occasion. Therefore, it’s all women’s dream, isn’t it?

Plus Size Women Fashion

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Let’s be honest, the stereotype for women body type hasn’t been realistic in the last few decades. Even more, regular sized women are considered as “plus size” in today’s fashion world which is absurd. However, there are companies like KIS out there looking out for you and providing elegant selection of fashion dresses. The quality and style of these dresses will make you feel special right at the moment you wear them on.

Moreover, the company has wide array of sizes and size charts provided for each item, so you will be able to choose the perfect fit.

Are You Creative but Want Technical Skills? Look Into These Degrees


While being creative is typically a talent that comes naturally, in order to apply that talent, some technical training might be necessary. If you are wanting to gain technical skills in order to use your talent in a particular industry, then you should consider the following degrees.


While you may have a natural talent for knowing where to place the camera, making films is something that you should definitely go to school for. There are lots of technical aspects that are involved in the filmmaking process such as aperture, focal point, shutter speed, and more. You must know the mechanics of your tools, ie., your camera in order for you to utilize them properly. Obtaining a degree in areas of filmmaking such as cinematography, editing, directing, et cetera, allows you the option to work on movie sets, in advertising, at events, and much more.

Audio Production

If you are interested in and have a passion for music, then a degree in audio production might be the right fit for you. A bachelor’s degree in audio will teach you many skills that can lead to careers in studio production, audio engineering and sound design. You can work in a recording studio for big-name musicians, or you can help to develop soundtracks for Hollywood movies. From live events to tv shows, a degree an audio production can give you the option of wearing many different hats while doing something that you love and that comes naturally to you.


Pursuing a degree in animation can help you satisfy the artist in you all while pursuing a career path that can be very profitable and extremely rewarding. Unlike filmmaking where your work might be limited to the way the shot is displayed on the screen, in animation, your work is the actual art being displayed for all to see. As an animator, you can also choose to work behind the scenes for ad campaigns or even utilize your degree along with your other passions such as film or music.

No matter how naturally talented you are, pursuing a degree in your particular area of interest is necessary not only for developing a career, but also to increase your skill level. While you may have talent naturally, getting the proper education will help you to develop the technical skills that are needed in order to take your talent to the next level.

Looking for a school? Consider these options.

The International Student’s Guide to Selecting a University in the Southern United States


If you are an international student looking to be accepted into college in the southern United States, then there are many different colleges you may want to consider. Choosing a college with a high percentage of international students can help you feel at ease, and these colleges often have special programs to help you adjust. Here are a few tips to help you decide where you want to go to school if you’ve got your heart set on attending a university somewhere in the southern United States.


Alabama is also a great place for international college students to attend university. In Alabama, the college with the most international students is the University of Alabama. While students have come from at least 33 countries, many of their students come from Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Japan, Colombia. The school offers special language studies to help students succeed at this campus located in Birmingham, Alabama.


Arizona State University always finishes near the top of any ranking of United States colleges for international students. This college regularly attracts over 13,000 international students from more than 130 countries. One of the ways that this school attracts so many international students is by having a network of support for possible students before they ever leave high school. That support system continues through the day that they graduate.


Many colleges in Florida and Alabama are known for their admittance of international students. Florida International University in University Park, Florida, offers more than 190-degree options, including being the only public school in South Florida where you can receive a law or medical degree. Students from over 142 countries regularly attend here, with many students coming from China, Venezuela, India, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. This school receives top honors for the number of Hispanic students that they graduate. Another outstanding school that regularly accepts international students is the University of South Florida. This school offers more than 200-degree programs. This school has linkage programs with other learning institutes throughout the world, including Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Israel, and many others.


The rate of international students getting into college in Louisiana continues to snowball. Many of those students are choosing to attend Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This school has more than 1,600 students that travel to Baton Rouge to obtain degrees in over 200 fields. If you are looking to attend a private school, then Tulane University in New Orleans may offer the perfect opportunity for you. This college is home to more than 1,282 international students who come from over 86 different countries.

New Mexico

There are also many top colleges that students find attractive in New Mexico and Arizona. Over 15 percent of the student body at St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is from outside the United States. Open discussions are one of the reasons that many students choose this college where a significant percentage go on to receive a Ph.D. in humanities. Each student also is encouraged to spend a year studying in France. There is a close connection between this college of 400 students and the college by the same name located just outside Washington D.C.


Many colleges in Texas accept international students. One of those is the University of Texas at Austin. This college has one of the most significant numbers of international students, with approximately 5,200 on campus. The number of international students, however, is not the only deciding factor for international students. Some prefer to choose a community in the Southwestern United States and try to get into a school there. There are many attractions and gorgeous homes in the San Antonio area, which can make it a fun place to live. The San Antonio River Walk, The Missions, the Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the San Antonio Zoo are just a few of the places that make this city a fun place to study.

International students find many diverse opportunities to study in the United States. Some students choose schools with the student body in mind while others select schools with the community in mind. If you are an international student looking for a place to study as a graduate or undergraduate student, then consider each school on this list and further investigate the ones that you find most interesting. There are many opportunities for you to live and study in the Southern United States, and you will find these schools want to help you succeed.

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School Survival Guide: How to Pass a White Glove Cleaning Inspection


So, you have found yourself away at college and are realizing neither of your parents is there to clean up after you or distribute chores. However, there is an inspector lurking, wearing their metaphorical white glove, wanting to inspect your dorm room or apartment for cleanliness. Hopefully, you took the white glove inspection policy seriously and you are prepared for what’s coming. Maybe you are even reading this early to get tips on keeping your room in top shape. Whatever scenario you are finding yourself in at this moment, this guide will help you get through the inspection.

Understand the Expectations

The best way to pass a white glove inspection is to know what the expectations are in advance. Hopefully, you received a written policy on what your college expects of you and your roommates. If not, assume the literal implications of a white glove test. If the inspector were to wear a white glove and run their finger across your kitchen counter, would his glove be clean? What about your living room furniture, under your bed, your bathtub, or even the toilet? Knowing what is expected of you and then creating a plan will help you stay consistent, so you aren’t trying to cram two days of cleaning into thirty minutes.

Planning makes perfect. Work with your roommates from the beginning to create an apartment cleaning plan and hold each other accountable. Remember, the goal is to pass a cleaning inspection. Make a list of the expectations and follow each with a plan of action.

Keep Up on Cleaning

While you should clean most messes as they occur, some chores are suitable for a weekly schedule. For example, dusting and polishing your furniture, washing rugs and bedding, scrubbing the bathtub, and cleaning out the refrigerator. You will quickly see that regular cleaning will make the chore of deep cleaning more manageable, saving you time later. If you take proper care of your furniture, you can avoid making it excessively dirty or damaging it. Imagine the smile on the inspector’s face when he sees the attention to detail you have given to every inch of the living space and doesn’t have to issue any warnings or violations.

Pay Attention to the Details

To pass a white glove inspection, you will need to pay close attention to every detail, even the small ones. Have you ever seen a car that has been detailed? It is shiny and looks brand new. Imagine your apartment is a car and you are detailing it. Wipe down the walls and baseboards when spills happen and add their routine cleaning to your plan. If you have carpet, vacuum at least weekly and make sure to get under the beds and behind furniture. Even if you wash your dishes by hand, run the dishwasher weekly to avoid mold, keep the disposal and drains clean, and clean all mirrors. When cleaning the bathroom, wipe soap scum from the sides of the tub and wipe down faucets and clean and sanitize the inside of the toilet bowl, behind the toilet, and both sides of it.

Use the Right Equipment

If you are going to make the grade when it comes time for white glove cleaning inspections, you need to be using the right supplies and equipment. Make sure you have the basics like a broom, a dustpan, rags, and sponges. When cleaning, keep in mind any asthma or allergy situations in the dorm. You need a good bacteria-killing cleanser for the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure to avoid using any products with bleach around furniture and clothing.

Finishing Touches

To impress your inspector, on the day of inspections, you can add a few finishing touches to make your living space shine. Clean all mirrors with a window cleaner and a paper towel. Wipe down all surfaces with an antibacterial wipe; not only will the apartment look clean, but it will also smell clean. Mop any uncarpeted floors with a fresh smelling cleaning solution that will also make them shine. Put all the dishes and laundry away and out of sight and put new garbage bags in all trash receptacles.

Don’t Procrastinate

It is best not to procrastinate when it comes to a white-glove inspection or preparing for one. Having a shared living space takes time and preparation to pass the check. You will never be able to fit an entire cleaning into one afternoon between classes and coordinating with roommates. If you follow the steps outlined in this article starting the day you move in, you will never find yourself in a procrastination situation.

Though it may seem difficult for those living on their own for the first time, keeping your living space clean is important. A clean home promotes healthy living, and you are building good habits for a lifetime. So keep your space clean for your white-glove inspection but try to maintain the cleanliness after you pass.

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Choosing the Right Gear and Supplies for Your First Year of College


There are a number of factors that go into being successful in college. These would include studying hard and making it to class every day. However, other important factors that contribute to your success are your school gear and supplies. Having the right gear and supplies alone won’t make you get better grades, but it can serve as a supplement to obtaining them. Here’s the essentials to focus on as you do your before-school shopping.


When it comes to choosing a school bag, the good news is that you have plenty of options. Some might choose to go towards the traditional two shoulder strap backpack, after all, that’s probably what you’ve been using for most of your educational life. However, there is another option in the form of a one-shoulder bag, also known as a messenger bag. Messenger bags are a one-shoulder strap alternative to backpacks that give you easy access to books, notebooks, binders and other supplies. This can be especially useful in the fast-paced world of college, where quick note-taking is the name of the game.


One of the most common mistakes made by college students is choosing a laptop with the most bells and whistles. However, when it comes to choosing the right laptop for school, it is important to understand what your needs are first. You may realize that you really don’t need that 2 thousand dollar laptop when you’re simply just going to use Microsoft word. So, before you go on spending a fortune, always stop to think of what a laptop has to offer and what you actually need. In addition, it would be wise to consider the size of your laptop. Luckily, there are plenty of small laptops that provide you with the basics you need without taking too much room within your backpack.

Pens & Pencils

High school and college-level courses require a lot of writing. Thus, students will quickly begin to notice how fast they go through their supplies. It is very important to not only obtain plenty of pens and pencils for those long note-taking marathons but also high-quality versions of them. You might be tempted to purchase an eight pack of pens for two dollars, but you will soon find out that not only are they prone to exploding, but they don’t exactly provide you with the best hand-writing results. 

One of the most important parts of preparing for your first year of college is making sure you have the supplies and gear that you need for success. Therefore, before you head back to school, it is highly recommended that you adhere to some of the tips listed above.

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School Survival Guide: How to Effectively Prepare for Tests


With a couple of very rare exceptions, you simply can’t do well in school without doing well on tests. This is for good reason because tests are an excellent method of evaluating what you have learned. This involves more than just having a good knowledge of your subject but it also means developing strong study habits which will effectively prepare you on test day. To that end, here are three strategies on how you can become better at preparing for your tests.

Develop Strong Note-Taking Techniques

Good notetaking is about more than just writing down everything you hear, it’s about doing so in a way that gives you the insights you need into the subject matter in question, and later, the exam. This requires two distinct knowledge sets. First, according to Booksrun, you should consider what style of notetaking works best for you. Ask yourself this: how do you need to write in order for you to remember and analyze the material? Second, what does your instructor test on, and what knowledge do you have to learn in order to prepare for their test?

Create a Study Plan

Once you have your testing schedule, it’s best to create a study plan. Know what days you need to study and have set goals to determine when you need to master which parts of your subject by. Develop progress goals and have a backup plan in case you miss a day. There are other options as well. For example, according to HRCP, group study gives you support and insights from other classmates, but self-study allows you to go at your own pace and at the time you want.

Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes, you need that extra jolt to get moving. This can come in the form of an accountability buddy or study partner. Have someone that you study with on a regular basis—or at least a required study check-in person. Use that person to hold you to your study goals and do the same for them. This way, you aren’t just responsible for yourself, but to another. This is often an extra motivation for people who need it.

Studying isn’t a willy-nilly pursuit. It’s something which you need to invest time, effort, energy and planning into. The good news here is that, with some thought, you can make real academic progress. Start with these three steps, and you will be well on your way towards developing outstanding study habits.

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What International Students Should Know About College in the U.S.


The United States is one of the top college destinations for international students, and more than one million international students enroll in American colleges each year. If you’re coming to the U.S. to study, this guide will help you understand some key aspects of American college life that you might experience during your stay.


According to Fastweb, colleges in the United States tend to offer a more diverse range of majors than schools in other countries. If you have a particular interest in an obscure subject, you’ll probably find a U.S. college that will allow you to pursue a degree in that field. For example, Brown University offers a major in Egyptology and you can get a degree in theme park engineering at California State University. Before applying to a particular major, you might want to check with the department head to learn more about the curriculum and make sure that it would be a good fit for your needs.


The cost of a college education in the United States is often at least double the cost of study in other nations, and tuition at private colleges is sometimes even higher. In addition to higher tuition, the United States typically has higher student housing costs, and students are also required to purchase health insurance at most schools. According to NAFSA, students might need to take out a private loan or need some other type of financial aid to pay for these expenses. Some governments provide scholarship programs for their citizens to study in the U.S. Fulbright grants and similar scholarships are also available for international students. Students in certain fields may be eligible for teaching or graduate assistantships that can offset the costs. To find out what financial options may be available at the U.S. schools you’re considering, check directly with the financial aid office at each institution.

Social Life

Unlike many international colleges, students in the U.S. often live on-campus in dormitories, and some institutions require that all freshmen live on-campus. Many colleges have specific dormitories that are designated for honors students or for students in specific majors. Students in the U.S. normally have a roommate in their dorm room. While living in the dorms can allow you to get to class faster, some students prefer to live close to campus in an apartment for additional privacy. According to Duffy Law, most colleges in the U.S. have codes of conduct related to alcohol that apply on and off campus. The drinking age in the U.S. is 21, and many institutions do not allow any alcohol at on-campus facilities or student housing. Be sure to check the policies at your school to avoid disciplinary or legal consequences.

Studying in the U.S. as an international student can be an exciting adventure. Always ask for help if you are unsure about anything during your studies, and consider participating in your school’s clubs for international students to connect with others. Have fun, and study hard!

Health and Safety Resources Available on Campuses


College can be a difficult time for students, particularly when they first arrive on campus. That’s why it is so important that every college student has access to world-class resources which can help them succeed physically, emotionally and academically. As such, here are three important resources that every college should have, and of which every college student should be aware.

Health and Counseling Centers

Everyone gets sick. As such, every student should make sure that they are aware of the location of the student health center. More often than not, these health centers will have nurses or doctors who can diagnose basic illnesses, prescribe medication or make referrals when someone needs further assistance. When it comes to mental health, unfortunately, rates of mental illness and suicide are rising among college students. This means that college students have to have resources that are easily accessible to them. Counseling centers have become important parts of all campuses, as they often offer therapy, group sessions or access to additional mental health resources when students need more help than the counseling center can provide.

Title IX Office

Sexual harassment is a broad category that includes a list of behaviors, and unfortunately, it remains a major challenge in society and at college. Thankfully, all colleges which receive federal funding are required to have some sort of Title IX office, which will help to combat gender issues like sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination. If you, as a student, believe that you are being discriminated against because of your gender, or if you suffer a gender-specific crime, you should immediately seek assistance from your Title IX Office. They will help you in filing a complaint and remedying whatever situation has occurred.

Police Walking Companionship Service

When you’re on campus late at night studying in the library and you’re ready to come home, it can be a bit scary to walk across campus to your dorm in the late-night hours. Many universities have a police walking companionship service you can use to help you get to your dorm safely when it’s late. A campus police or security officer can walk you to your dormitory or apartment (if it’s near campus) so you don’t have to walk alone on campus in the dark. It’s a great service for those students who feel unsafe walking alone at night, especially women who are afraid of being attacked by sexual predators.

Challenges in college are just like challenges in the real world: Difficulties will always occur, but they can certainly be overcome. It is vital for every college student to understand what resources they have at their disposal, and it is just as important that all colleges adequately support their students by making these resources available and ensuring that information about their availability is easily accessible. A college student can only succeed if they are placed in an environment that allows them to do so, and resources like the ones listed above are often the distance between a positive and negative college experience.
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Check Out These US Vacation Destinations


When you decide to pursue your higher education opportunities in the US, you are getting more than just great schools. International students who travel to the US to continue schooling also gain an abundance of amazing vacation opportunities right at their fingertips. From stunning natural beauty to vibrant cities, there is something for every taste and every budget in America. Here are four US vacation destinations that you should consider adding to your travel bucket list while studying in this unique country:

Disney Parks

A trip to Disney is a rite of passage for many travelers. You can choose from either the original Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California or the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Both destinations offer a wide array of theme parks, unique resort accommodations, shopping and dining opportunities and a whole world of fun. Every Disney vacation is a truly immersive experience, dropping you into the magic of this franchise and all of its characters. From thrilling rides to jaw-dropping entertainment productions, a visit to the Disney parks will create memories to last a lifetime.

National Parks, Utah

America the Beautiful is flush with an abundance of national parks. This vast network of parks offers breathtaking beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities from coast to coast. While there are national parks in every corner of the country, none are as unique as the offerings in Utah. The red rocks and natural arches of Arches National Park and the canyons of Bryce National Park are things that you will not find anywhere else on the planet. According to this source, Arches National Park has over 2,000 natural stone arches and has the highest density of natural arches in the world. So if you visit Utah’s national parks, you’ll definitely be able to see things that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

New York City

No trip to America is complete without a visit to its prized city. New York City is truly the face of the US and its melting pot of people and cultures. This vibrant metropolitan mecca is home to some of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Spend your day strolling through beautiful Central Park, paying a visit to the iconic Statue of Liberty or soaring to the top of the Empire State Building. You will find nearly any type of cuisine in this city along with the country’s best shopping options. New York City is also a great place to meet lots of different kinds of people from different cultural backgrounds. In fact, according to this source, almost half of the city’s population over the age of five speaks a language other than English. The energy of this city cannot be matched, guaranteeing that you will always find something new and exciting happening.

Your Backyard

Be sure to take time to explore all of the environs of the area that you are living in for your schooling. This vast and diverse country is meant to be explored, and you can start in your backyard. Every region, state, county, city, and neighborhood offer something different to its visitors. Some of your best travel experiences will happen when you simply get in the car and start driving. According to this source, 1.25 million weather-related crashes occur each year. Therefore, it is important that you practice proper safety precautions.

The US is the ideal place to satisfy your thirst for wanderlust. Your education will happen both in and out of the classroom when you take the time to explore every region of this fascinating country.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs for College Students


With the ballooning college debt crisis, many students are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of money they’ll have to pay back later in life by taking a part-time job. There are several options well-suited to juggling academic work and the fast-paced social life of university students. Here are five of the best bets for college students hoping to earn a little extra income while getting their degree.


You’ll have to deal with people who get a little too drunk, but bartending is not a dangerous job compared to others. The best part of the job, according to many in the industry, is the often-generous tips that patrons leave, especially as the alcohol takes greater effect. Plus, many bartenders enjoy the chance to build their social lives while at work, often forming long-term friendships with coworkers and patrons of similar age. In college towns, of course, there is generally no shortage of bars and clubs. Some bartenders take home as much as $200 a night in tips.

Freelance Writer

Writing skills remain in high demand. The wide selection of writing work available on the web makes aligning interests and hobbies with paid writing work possible. Whether you are interested in health and fitness, technology, sports, literature, music, or pop culture, freelance writing online is an opportunity to use your specialized knowledge as leverage for getting decent-paying work which you might find rewarding and interesting. Skilled freelance writers can earn upwards of $50 per hour!

Fitness Instructor

Many people are in their physical prime during the college years. Not only could being a fitness instructor get you a free or steeply discounted gym membership, but you could potentially earn some serious cash teaching group or one-on-one classes. Earning a fitness instructor certification is relatively inexpensive and quick with the chance of a serious payoff. This option is ideal for students majoring in sports physiology or nutrition who can gain valuable work experience with direct applications to the higher-paying jobs they hope to land after graduation. Fitness instructors often make $20 or more per hour.

Administrative Assistant

Working in an office setting has its perks with indoor climate control, experience in a professional environment, and the opportunity for networking. In addition, the work is generally easy, including answering phones, producing faxes, sending emails, generating schedules, and similar duties. Administrative assistants can frequently earn $26 an hour.


Working as a tutor is a great choice for students majoring in education who can pad their resumes with real-world teaching experience while earning significant cash at the same time. Take advantage of the knowledge you have acquired in your specific area of study to pass on what you have learned to a younger audience. You might find the experience genuinely rewarded. Expect to earn around $20 per hour depending on the subject.

Consider finding one of these part-time jobs to help reduce your debt burden and build work experience that will impress future employers as you enter the full-time workforce.

If you need help getting a job, check out these resume writing hacks!

What Are US College Classrooms Like Today?


Continuing your education in the US is an exciting and challenging venture. However, with this newness comes a different set of learning expectations that may be unique from what you have experienced in your home country. Before you head to the US to attend college, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the differences that you may encounter on your educational journey. Here are three ways that US college classrooms may differentiate from their international counterparts.

More Outspoken

US college professors and administrators not only encourage active discussion and freedom of thought, but they actually expect these skills from their students. These institutions of higher education value the student who is an independent thinker. Classroom participation is sometimes even a part of the overall grading metric. In addition to attending the lectures and completing the coursework and exams, you will likely be expected to engage in discussion, collaborative workstations, and other tasks that show that you fully grasp the material on a verbal level.

Heavy on Technology

In today’s increasingly wired world, it is not surprising that the US modern higher education classroom is extremely dependent on technology. It is not unusual for a class to require a computer for personal use. For this reason, it is important that you have the technology tools necessary to be able to meet the requirements of your classes. There are different features of learning management systems that make different ones suited for different classrooms. Your professors and class syllabus materials will be a good resource as you are making sure that you have the necessary technology to be successful in your studies.

Focus on Independent Learning

Compared to some of their international counterparts, US college students are often more likely to be independent learners. American culture rewards independent thinkers and workers. This emphasis on independence creates learners who are responsible for their own educations. An international student can succeed in this environment by having an open mind, by taking it upon themselves to be the director of their education, and by making the effort to establish a collaborative relationship with their teachers.

You will get the most out of your US college experience if you understand the key components that differentiate this type of education from what you may have experienced in the past. With the right knowledge and approach, you will ensure that you have a rewarding experience as you continue your education.

How social and digital media threatens your privacy


In the past two decades, communication has seen exponential growth. Since inception, social media networking has revolutionized the social space by allowing people to share thoughts and photos over apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. All these apps require you to input your personal details during registration. Technology advancement also means that your privacy is at risk, especially with hackers becoming more adept at stealing data. Social and digital media threatens your privacy in several ways.

Attracting Stalkers

Sharing your life on social media may seem harmless. It is possible to attract stalkers by sharing aspects of your life via social media. You may have set your privacy settings to high, and no one can view your details except your friends, but a stalker can find a way around these settings. Stalkers check your online habits to get to your personal data. The apps you download, the site subscriptions, or the online games you play, all have your personal details. Each time you go to a certain web page, these pages put markers on your gadget (cookies) and follow your online activity.

Making you vulnerable to hackers

Hackers thrive on spreading malware. They get into social media sites and inject malicious viruses, steal identities and go ahead and block you from access. Hackers use shortened URLs, which trick you that they are legit links. Since the full URL is not visible, your personal data is not safe. Hackers get better every day, and if you do not take measures and stay vigilant, it is very easy to be hacked by clicking on unverified links. Hackers love to hack into company websites, lock everyone from accessing the data, and then ask for ransomware. Once the hackers are paid, there is no guarantee they will give you access to the data.

Making you an identity theft target

Identity theft is far more rampant than we think. Facebook and other accounts are hacked every other day. Identity thieves hack into social media sites and obtain your information, no matter how high your security is. They hack into your email account via your social networking details. Their most common trick is to use the “forgot password” trick to get your information sent to them via email. Once the hackers get into your email, they have access to your private data on all the social networking sites. Social sites are especially vulnerable to identity theft, and most people have at one time or the other been victims of this.

Third-party applications threat

Social media appeals to many because of its many games and applications. A good number of the apps and games are not safe, as you have to give the app some permission to access your personal data. The danger especially lies in people not knowing what the apps request to view and share. Most people do not read the fine print in the terms and conditions; they just go ahead and tick the “agree” box. Ensure you read the fine print, and to be on the safe side, stay away from these third-party applications. If you need to access them, use incognito mode to block cookies.

There are some ways to help you safely manage these threats:

Installing a VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) allow the users to connect to other networks and share data over public networks securely. It hides your true Internet Protocol (IP) address. The safest way remains to install a Windows VPN to protect your privacy from prying eyes. VPNs help with online anonymity. They help you gain access to the internet and browse incognito. VPNs also allow you to bypass filters on the internet for blocked websites.

Using Incognito mode

Incognito mode, also known as private browsing is a browser setting that does not allow browsing history saving. In normal circumstances, any web site that you visit, all the cookies, photos or text are saved on your browser. In incognito mode, the browser forgets these details when you exit the browser window. This makes it hard for anyone to track you using your browsing history.


Social media is fun as long as you know that danger lurks underneath. While using social media, you must be vigilant and watch out for stalkers, hackers, identity thieves, and third-party applications that require your personal information for access.

Protect your data from hackers by using incognito mode, or installing VPNs, which allow you to browse privately. At the rate technology is growing, we have to keep up with it by updating our gadgets. Hackers have advanced in their quest for your information and you have to keep up to keep it away from their prying eyes.

Backpacking Dramas Behind Those Beautiful Photos!


Backpacking has become way more popular – thanks to Instagram and blogging platforms. You scroll down your feed and see photos pushing your imagination about the rest of the world. Have you wondered what was happening few hours before that photo taken? Total misery, but that’s the fun part of it, isn’t it? I have decided to put together few backpacking dramas together to enlighten the story behind those charming travel photos.

In the beginning of 2018, I have decided to go on a short trip in Colombia. Then, I just kept going… My supposedly short trip lasted four months and I ended up visiting 5 countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil). I’ve met wonderful people with outstanding stories. Some has been traveling for 8 years, some ride a motorcycle across the continent. Yes, it’s been so much fun. Honestly, it was a little challenge for me as I’ve always chosen comfort over adventure.

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Many backpackers choose the cheapest hostels, or they just volunteer at hostel in exchange of a bed and few drinks. Although they seem to be very happy, I have seen many of them broke down. In my opinion, I don’t think any backpacker would go through all this trouble if they had reasonable budget. Yet, I don’t judge as these are the stories you will remember and tell in 20 years!

Anyways, let’s jump into my list of common backpacking dramas:

Sleeping like a rock!

Common Backpacking Dramas Behind Those Beautiful Photos! (1)As I mentioned earlier, most backpackers stay at hostels which means minimum 6-8 beds in the room. It’s like a family reunion, right? Nope, not even close! Yes, you should adjust yourself to sleep like a rock otherwise you’ll find yourself killing someone. Your roommates walking in the room 5 in the morning with unbearable smell of cheap alcohol is normal. However, sometimes they decide to pack their backpacks which could become very annoying. These are the most innocent scenarios that could wake you up in your beauty sleep!

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Always be ready for an Earthquake!

Of course, not an actual earthquake except the different parts of the world. The earthquakes I will warn you is the ones cause little shake in your hostel bed. Remember these people have been traveling for long time and most of them are alone travelers. So, people do become more friendly than usual after few drinks. Yes, sometimes this can cause a little earthquake in your bed. Look around your room and you’ll see the bed looking like a tent! You’re safe, not an actual earthquake, so, time for you to go back to sleep.

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Feel High, So High, Life is Good!

Yes, it’s very common to see people consuming drugs, but this is different level of highness. Most mountain hikes you see is few thousand meters over the sea level. So, all backpackers you see on those photos feel high! Sometimes, this could become a reason for a great smile, but sometimes it could lead to altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is one of the worst things in my backpacking dramas list. I’ve seen few people suffering and you wouldn’t want to experience that!

The Unique Taste of the Each Region!

There is no doubt that every place has a taste of their own. Sometimes, they might be amazing, but not all the time. Local dishes might seem charming, but it can become overwhelming when you just continue traveling for months. I have not seen that many vegetarians before in my life in comparison to my 4-month trip in South America. I guess veggies are way safer than the meat huh?

How Could your trip Become Cheaper?

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This is the last one in my backpacking dramas list. Earlier I told you that these backpackers would never travel like this if they had higher budget. However, even a low-budget trip becomes too much to handle time to time. Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of 20-minute bargain for a dollar. Yet, this is the way to go if you’re looking to travel for months with a tight budget.

Believe me, I don’t exaggerate any of these. Even more, I try to keep it suitable for everyone to read, otherwise, there are many more to discuss. However, this is what makes your journey memorable. All the trouble you go through makes that one photo unique and turns your journey into an adventure. If you have anything to add, feel free to share it with us!

Common Backpacking Dramas Behind Those Beautiful Photos! (3)

5 Marketing Techniques to Reach Sales


Over the years, marketing has jumped into a new era with the technological advancements. There are so many tools that will help you along the way. However, marketing techniques are still the same if you’re looking to successfully close a deal. In this article, I would like to point out 5 marketing techniques which doesn’t require any specific skills. Marketing techniques are crucial for businesses to become successful in the industry.

Here is my list of 5 Marketing Techniques to Reach Sales

Understand Your Customers’ Need

5 Marketing Techniques to Reach Sales (1)-min

Most people working in sales focus on the things they would like to sell which is a huge mistake. If you are looking to have long-term relationship with your customers and meet their needs, you should understand what they are looking for. This is the only way you can become their favorite sales person. So, next time when they are in need, you will be the first person they tend to talk to. Remember, every satisfied person leaving your store means loyal customer.

Inform Your Customers

Informing your customers about your product or service should also be on top of the must-do list. Whether your customers are aware of your products or services, you should still go over them. Because you never know which specification might grab their attention. You can easily encourage your customer to purchase if your product/service will work for their benefit.


If you couldn’t complete the sale, you must follow up with your customers to see if they changed their minds. Today, there are various methods to keep track of your customers such as emails, text messages, phone calls, etc. They are all useful to reach out to your customers, but I prefer phone calls for better personal connection. Yet, it’s not always convenient to talk on the phone, so ask for their best time to have a call.

Do NOT Push Your Customers

Becoming a pushy sales person might seem successful in the beginning. However, being pushy always fails in the long run because you damage your customers’ trust. Even sometimes it fails in the short term as the sales end up with returns.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Adjust the change! Businesses, products, services and even your customers change, so you should also change your strategies. The only way to accomplish that is keeping track of your own progress. You should define how many potential customers you meet and how many of them purchase. So, you can reanalyze your strategies to increase your sales.

Overall, you should understand the mindset of your customers. Understanding your customers will help you determine your strategies and create a better road map.

5 Marketing Techniques to Reach Sales

New Phase of Backyard Fun: An Inflatable Air Track

Growing up with an access to a garden or backyard has always been a privilege for children. However, the new generation has a major problem understanding and realizing the importance of this advantage. So, making a difference is primary duty of parents. Before jumping into air track subject, I have few questions for you to consider and answer.

  • Have you wondered if you could turn your backyard into a place your children willing to hang out?
  • Don’t you dream of your garden taking over their smartphones and tablets just like your childhood?
  • Even more, why wouldn’t your backyard become a place for your children’s training spot?

I’m sure that you can already guess that this post is about gymnastics, training, and fun. Let me explain how I started to do research about this. I met a friend for shopping few weeks ago and she invited me to join her on the park after shopping. I asked her if there is any special occasion and she simply said, “you’ll see”. When we got to the park we sat down and waited for here friends for a while. While waiting, she started to explain about their passion on cheerleading. I stayed there just watching through their training for over 3 hours. Although they were training on grass, it was dangerous performance which got me thinking.New Phase of Backyard Fun An Inflatable Air Track (3)

Since then, I’ve been conducting a research to find a professional airtrack shop that has reasonable prices. I have done my research online and contacted friends involved with gymnastics and came to a conclusion. The company is called Wholesaleairtrack and their website is The best part that the company specializes on wholesale which differentiates them in the market. Whether you are looking to purchase few for your backyard or bulk for the school, the company is ready to professionally serve you.

Is Air Track All About Gymnastics and Training?

New Phase of Backyard Fun An Inflatable Air Track (1)Scientists have designed air track in order to create an opportunity for alternative gymnastics training. Recently, most of the traditional fitness and gymnastic equipment are being replaced with air equipment. There are also differences between the types (P1, P2, and P3) of air tracks. So, each type of air track could be used for different purpose meeting your needs.

Although the most common used of air track is gymnastics and cheerleading, the area use of air tracks is broad. Martial arts, senior gym, and school sports also benefit from the inflatable air tracks.

What are the Benefits of an Inflatable Air Track for Children?

First of all, it’s easy to use and install in the house, so it will encourage your children to be active. They will have a convenient access to a gymnastics class in few minutes. Additionally, they will have an opportunity to practice their classes, so they will have more confidence.

Air tracks could easily be attached to each other in case if you need a bigger space. This is one of the most important difference than conventional equipment.

Finally, I believe it’s crucial for children to have some time off from the technology. This is a great chance for parents to provide alternative to their children. Make sure your children benefit from air tracks!

8 Things You Don’t Give A F**K About After Recovering From E.D.



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5 Incredible Reasons to Eat Beets (Even if You Aren’t a Fan)

Not a fan of beets? You are not alone. The beet tends to evoke adverse reactions. Many people passionately embrace the quirky vegetable, while others retract in horror at the sight of the beet with its crimson hues and distinct earthy taste. Yes – the beet gets a bad rap for its seemingly “dirt-like” flavor, but before you forever cast aside the beet, discovering its extraordinary superfood nutrients may encourage a change of heart.

The most common variety of beet is the red beet (table beet), but there are many varieties and types of beets, each with a particular flavor and nutrient profile. Served pickled, steamed, roasted, blended, juiced, (and even in cocktails), this versatile vegetable can be eaten from root to leaf. Besides its flavorful diversity, the beet is packed with superhero vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you haven’t joined the beet fan club yet, these 5 incredible health benefits may inspire you to eat more beets!

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  1. Beets Enhance Exercise Performance & Increase Circulation

5 Incredible Reasons to Eat Beets Want to improve your performance at the gym and get better results when exercising? Beet juice is proving extremely beneficial for exercise performance. Natural nitrates (nitric oxide) found in beets increase circulation by helping dilate blood vessels. Studies show that cyclists who drank beet juice several hours before a race cycled up to 20% longer than the cyclists who drank a placebo beet juice. Beet juice is so effective that many athletes competing in the Olympics drink beet juice rather than Gatorade before events. Not a fan of beet juice? Eating whole beets is also beneficial. Studies prove that eating beets increases endurance and improves running performance.

  1. Beets Improve Cardiovascular Function & Lower Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Drinking beet juice may be the answer to reducing hypertension. Because the humble beet is filled with trace minerals, such as potassium, a rich mineral that is shown to reduce hypertension. High blood pressure (hypertension) causes many health issues and reducing blood pressure is vital for avoiding heart disease and stroke.

5 Incredible Reasons to Eat Beets In addition to valuable trace minerals for heart health, the beet contains high levels of natural nitric oxide which encourages blood vessels to relax, improving blood flow to your organs and muscles. This is important for promoting healthy blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. A study in 2016 from the Journal of Human Hypertension states that drinking about 1 cup raw beet juice or consuming cooked beets (about 1 cup) significantly reduces high blood pressure. “Improving the level of N-O [Nitric Oxide] in the body can prevent, slow and even reverse many health problems particularly, cardiovascular disease” (Beet The Odds).

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  1. Beets Reduce Inflammation

5 Incredible Reasons to Eat Beets Beets, especially red beets, contain high amounts of antioxidants. The vibrant color of the red beet that stains its way to the dinner table is a fantastic gift from mother nature that reduces inflammation. The beetroot’s crimson hue is a mixture of nitrogen- containing pigments called betalains. Therefore, these betalains are powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants help us eliminate free-radicals that damage the body’s cells causing inflammation. The antioxidants found in beets act as anti-inflammatory molecules protecting the body against oxidative stress which may lead to serious long-term health effects, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, degenerative diseases, and more. The beet’s super antioxidants are just one of the many reasons to add beets to your diet.

  1. Beets Detoxify and Support Digestive Health

Besides reducing inflammation, the beet’s superhero antioxidants offer incredible detoxification support. The beet is filled with antioxidants and fiber to help eliminate excess toxins and keep your bowel movements regular! Furthermore, betalains (antioxidants) help stimulate the body’s detoxification enzymes to eliminate toxins promoting a healthy liver.

Is your liver happy? A sluggish liver often leads to a weakened immune system, clogged pores, fatigue, and slower metabolism. Drinking beet juice and consuming beets helps keep your digestive system healthy and happy. Don’t be alarmed if you see a pink or red hue in the toilet bowl after eating beets or drinking beet juice. The red or pink color in your urine (and stools) after eating beets can cause much distress and alarm, but the discoloration is a harmless condition called beeturia.

  1. Beets Boost Immunity

Feeling under the weather? Follow Popeye’s example and eat your greens, especially beet greens! Although the entire beet from root to leaf is packed with delicious nutrients, the beet greens (the leafy portion atop the beetroot’s stems) contain high levels of Vitamin C which is important for boosting immunity, helping wounds heal, aiding in the absorption of iron, repairing/maintaining cartilage and bones, and more. Beet greens are comparable to the flavor of Swiss Chard and are quite versatile. They can be eaten raw in salads or smoothies, sautéed with olive oil and/or lemon juice, or even steamed in soups.

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How to Eat Beets?

5 Incredible Reasons to Eat Beets Feeling inspired to eat more beets but don’t know how? Beets are quite versatile. You can juice raw beets with delicious orange, apple, and/or ginger. Moreover, blending raw or cooked beets with your favorite fruits is another great way to enjoy the beet’s health benefits and increase your fiber intake. Roasting beets and adding them to salad with goat cheese and blood orange is spectacular, or you can shred beets to combine with black beans and cilantro for a scrumptious veggie burger. The sweet earthy beet is also delightfully disguised in pancakes, muffins, and chocolate cupcakes!

Additionally, check out these beet recipes for more ideas.


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What Does Guest Blogging Mean for SEO?


[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”]
[et_pb_row admin_label=”row”]
[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Let me start saying guest blogging is one of the most important tools of blogging to serve for different purposes. If you have a blog, you must have come across with articles explaining how guest blogging helps your blog’s SEO. However, many of these articles provide you a certain pattern which turns this important process into a useless practice. I will try to explain what guest blogging is and how to make guest posts beneficial for your SEO practices. Additionally, I’ll also provide my insights in this article for bloggers considering hosting guest posts. Because, it’s also important what information you host in your platform. So, let’s dig into guest blogging and make sure your guest posts actually help your search engine optimization.

What is Guest Blogging? What Does a Guest Post Mean?

What Does Guest Blogging Mean for SEO (4)-min

I’m sure you have heard about guest blogging and conducted a research about the topic. So, I’ll just briefly go over it and provide a different perspectives and details to specific questions. This way, you will able to benefit from this article.

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Here is my simple definition. Guest blogging is using someone else’s platform to introduce yourself to their audience and direct them to your content. Considering this definition, you should understand how important writing a killer guest post. Because you’ll most likely to have a single shot to attract these people to be interested in your content. In addition, you should also narrow down guest blogging websites carefully to meet with the right audience.

Moreover, you should realize the importance of guest post meaning in order to make use of your guest blogging strategy. Think about the news you read every day, some of them are highly focused on specifics of a company. Sometimes, they are about the company culture, work environment, new policies, or technologies they will come up with. Do you really think that these articles are the results of hard-working journalists found out about these companies? Then, you are wrong! Many companies have marketing divisions working hard to have articles published on news platforms. Therefore, they make sure it looks natural, so people don’t consider them as advertisings. Guest posts work the same way for your guest blogging campaigns. You should make sure you truly show them what you do the best in your platform.

In the following sections, we will go over more specifics of the guest blogging process. However, let’s start with its importance to search engine optimization.

How Does Guest Blogging Help SEO? Is Guest Blogging Dead?

SEO is the point where it gets confusing for blogger who are looking to guest blog in other platforms. So, they just want to follow a certain pattern which turns their campaign into useless effort. Moreover, I started to see a lot of question online asking if guest blogging is dead. Let me tell you, guest blogging is not dead, and it will never be if you do it right. However, you should change your priorities while building up your guest blogging strategies.

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Yes, guest blogging helps SEO, but this shouldn’t be your main target because Google will see it. Yet, you know what happens when Google sees if something is not natural with your actions. If not, let me tell you: You will be PUNISHED. Your reckless strategy could cause you lose your years of efforts. So, make sure you take this process seriously.

From the technical perspective, guest post submission to another platform is highly beneficial for your platform to rank higher. Because, search engines see your guest posts as referral from other trusted sources. So, you should carefully select the keywords to link to your platform and limit the number of links to few. Although there are no specific guidelines, the number of links should be limited to 2 or 3 per article. Therefore, the article should be well written and thoroughly covering the topic.

How to Find Guest Blogging Websites?

Before I start explaining, I would like to mention that PlatoPost also accepts guest blogs. If you have knowledge on a topic thinking it’d bring value to our platform, proceed to submit a guest post. You can submit your guest post via email.

Let me surprise you! Almost every blog and news platform are a guest blogging website as long as you know how to approach them. You have unlimited options to borrow a place that will help you to promote your work and help your SEO.

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What Does Guest Blogging Mean for SEO (1)-minYou can also conduct a search on “write for us” or “guest bloggers wanted” keywords on search engines. This will give you an option to meet the demand that already exists. However, remember that creating content is one of the most difficult tasks, so that hosting someone to publish a guest post is always a nice opportunity for bloggers. Because they will also have diversification for their audience. Yet, your guest post should bring value to their content. Otherwise, it will not mean anything for them except causing to lose visitors.

If you want to have a solid guest blogging strategy, you need to have a plan. You should identify your strengths and how to use them for hooking up the audience you’ll have access to. Of course, you cannot post on all at the same time, so you need to make every guest post valuable. Among all the guest blogging platforms, you should find the ones whose audience that might have interest in your topic. Let’s find out how to narrow down these guest post websites.

How to Choose the Best Platform to Submit a Guest Post?

As I mentioned earlier, if you consider guest blogging only for SEO, you will fail. If you want actual results, you must eliminate your options and make sure you choose the best guest blogging websites. Of course, you might be wondering what the best blogging websites means. Let me briefly explain for you to create a solid road map.

In my opinion, “the best” means that these websites will provide you actual and royal audiences. Therefore, if you want to have actual visitors, you should choose websites to submit a guest post accordingly. Many people make mistakes of falling for the technical details, so they are easily fooled. This is why most of the time guest blogging campaigns fail.

There are tools to identify a website/platform’s authority on the internet such as PR, PA, and DA. Yet, they could easily be manipulated which is a huge risk for your own platform in the long run. Let me tell you how. The website you’ll submit a guest post could be identified as a spam by the search engines in the past. This will cause more harm than what will bring you in return. You will put your own platform in danger. So, narrow down your options manually in a natural way.

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Look at their platform and see the recent posts to see how often they have a guest post. Check their design, ad placements, comments, article dates, etc. Imagine if you were visiting that website, what would you think? See the content flow and identify their potential visitors and their interests. Once you’re okay with the website, pick few titles and google them to see their rankings. Check out their social media if they have any.

In my opinion, I prefer running a guest blogging campaign with a new-starter blog than a spammy one. Because new bloggers have more determination to assure the best work and create interaction with their visitors. Finally, let’s find out how guest blog submission process work and things you need to before submitting a guest pos.

How Does Guest Blog Submission Process Work? What Should I Do Before Submitting a Guest Post?

Usually, you just write you content and submit it under the “write for us” page. However, sometimes platforms do not have this page. So, you can just email it to their attention. Yet, it’s always better to contact them first and introduce yourself. Start building a relationship with the person in charge of the content. This way, they will direct you to the right direction. They will be much more eager to host you as a guest blogger if you meet their needs. Think of your guest blogging as a long-time business deal and make the best of it every change you get.

Don’t rush into submitting your guest post. Take your time and proofread it as many times as you can. Even if you have knowledge on the subject, conduct a deep research before putting the information out there. Make sure every information you provide is up to date and will provide useful information to readers.

In my future articles about guest blogging, I will provide more information about the technical specifications that matters. Make sure you follow us!

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8 Key Resume Writing Hacks that will Help you Get A Job

The vast numbers of student who graduate out of college and the university each year are like swarm of bees leaving the bee hive and aiming to suck nectar out of the same flower. This is why it is important to leave a long lasting impression of your qualifications through your resume. It is the first thing your recruiter takes a look at before deciding to meet you. Now that you know the job market is not only tough but harsh too, the question remains: how do I ensure my resume comes out top amidst the big piles of other resumes?

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Not to worry, our 8 key resume writing hacks will help you bag that job you so desire.

Are you ready? Now, let us begin:

1. Lay Emphasis on Your Achievements

8 Key Resume Writing Hacks that will Help you Get A Job (3)-minEverybody has history of success, failures, strengths and weaknesses. But in resume writing, you should focus on your most excellent success since college through the years you spent at the university. Ensure you outline the accomplishment you achieved in every position you held in your resume. Here, numbers is your best chance so implement them wisely to measure your success and track record.

2. A good formatting is the Best Impression

Your accomplishments might be significance, but even so, if the format is not a perfect one, these accomplishments might be ignored. Make it very easy for recruiters to skim through. Why? Because they have about a thousand more résumé’s they need to take a look at; none of them will waste time. As a graduate (college or university), it is understandable that you might not have a long work history but more skills (take advantage of this and learn lots of skills). This type of resume is known as a functional resume because it focuses more on skill abilities rather than experience and work. Ensure you outline all the necessary details that you can bring to the table.

3. You Should Proofread as Much as Possible

8 Key Resume Writing Hacks that will Help you Get A Job (1)-minNever get tired: Proofread some more

The importance of proofreading can never be overemphasized. It would be very painful if you miss a shot at your dream job because of things like bad grammar, spelling errors or spacing mistakes. It is highly recommended that you ask a friend, mentor, family or professor (or teacher) to help you with this- just to be double sure.

After they are done, give yourself some days away from it. Then pick it up to examine it one more time. Trust me, your outlook will be different this time. Avoid the temptation to hit the send button after your first typing

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4. Ensure It is simple and Direct

It is a known fact that a lot of recruiters usually skin through job seekers resume. For them to spend quality time on your resume, you have to make it simple. Avoid the use of buzzwords- most recruiters may have no knowledge of these terms- and this will badly affect you. So, keep it real simple so you can get that interview you so desire.

5. Create a custom resume: Personalize the Resume to a Specific Potential Employer

You are probably thinking: that’s a lot of work; can’t I just avoid these hacks? It is essential that you take your time to write a custom resume for each organization you apply to. To achieve this, you need to carry out proper research on company you writing for. This will automatically stand your file from the rest.

6. Design a cover letter: Attach a Cover Letter

Include a cover letter

A cover letter increases your chances of bagging a position. To show professionalism, it is advisable that you add a cover letter with your credentials when sending it to the potential employer. You should avoid this if the employer doesn’t want this. By going extra mile, it shows that you are dedicated and have gone extra mile to carry out detailed research on the organization. This speeds up the whole process.

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7. Put the Gem At The Top: Education Should Be At The Top

8 Key Resume Writing Hacks that will Help you Get A Job (1)-minIf you are a fresh graduate, you need to position education at the top but if you are an experienced person, it can be positioned at the bottom. Positioning it at the top displays your academic qualification and shows that you are a fresh graduate. You can list all of your academic honours and extracurricular activities.

It gets better:

If your GPA is 3.0 or above that, make sure to include it, this will not only guarantee you get the job but increase the attention your resume gets. If by chance your major GPA is higher than the overall, then use it instead.

8. Make it count: Make Your Menial Jobs Count

It will do you good to include all the seasonal and temporal jobs you did. But be careful, not describing them the right way can cost you the job. However, when implemented correctly, these experiences show that you have a strong work ethic and is independent.

Note: if the experience you possess is not related to the role you applying for, then do not go into specific details. Just outline the most interesting parts of the job. Outline them as skills acquired, e.g. time management, customer service, communications skills etc.


Balogun Owomide has a huge passion for spreading motivation, business and personal finance. I often write on my  UK Personal Finance blog, a finance blog on topics ranging from motivation, saving and making money, startup ideas, to small business creation, marketing and franchise opportunities. You can reach me on Facebook at Balogun Owomide.

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What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships?

I have come across with “What are the examples of the worst feeling ever?” on Quora. There are many over hundred answers and most of them are right to the point. Of course, sky is the limit for this question. However, I wanted to twist the question to “What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships?”. Everyone has their priorities, so that there are great varieties of answer. However, there are some situations no one would ever want to experience:

Not being able to feed your children! Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to support your family? Or imagine seeing how your parents struggle to assure the best future for you. Yet, you never see yourself good enough for what they do. Anyways, in my opinion, family related problems are the worst. Though I wanted to consider this from the relationship perspectives as the feeling I’ll talk about seems weird to me.

Here is The Worst Feeling about Relationships;

You fall in love which is one of the best feeling in the world. You spend some time together, get to know the person, more importantly get used to the person. Although that sparkling in the beginning goes away, you still feel great when you are around this person. You start to make plans and slowly build a life. You find yourself in a situation as if this has always been your life. As if you have never breathed before.

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Whether you marry or not, the thing between you grow into a something bigger. You build friend groups, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Therefore, everyone starts to mention you in conversations together. Because now you are “one piece” together. You complete each other.

No, Worst Feeling about Relationships is not Splitting Up!

But one day, it all goes wrong. It doesn’t even have to go wrong, it just doesn’t work out anymore. So, you decide to split your ways. Now, you have to get used to doing things by your own which you used to together. Yes, this is a bad feeling, but not the worst feeling yet.

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Depending on the people and content of splitting, sometimes they can keep in touch or decide to never see each other again. I understand both. However, either you see this person again or not, it’s never the same. My answer is about the ones who don’t see each other again.

What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships (3)So, you just keep doing stuff by yourself. Trying to get used to the single life again which is a tough marathon. Your friends try to drag you into many different activities and cheer you up. By the way, it never works, let people heal themselves.

You give a chance to dating again and most of the time you compare the new person with your previous partner. You always focus on the down sides and dont let them in your life. Sometimes, it takes months, years to overcome that person. No, we haven’t talked about the worst feeling yet.

Now, We Get to the Worst Feeling about Relationships Ever

One day, you wake up to a new day and go to work or to do what you usually do. Just deal with your usual daily stuff. Out of nowhere, you run into that person in a coffee shop or come across their photo.

Surprise! You don’t feel anything for that person anymore. It’s just blank. The security guy you see when you get to the office everyday means much more to you, triggers more emotions.

What happened to all those things you experienced & planned? Where are those emotions? What about the time you stole from your life just to overcome that person?

I think feeling blank for someone you felt crazy once is the worst feeling about relationships.

What is the Worst Feeling about Relationships (1)

Looking for a Hostel to Stay in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo?


Are you looking to find a hotel to stay in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo? I have a great recommendation for you from my own travel experience.If you have read any of my previous articles, you already know that I share my experiences time to time. However, let me inform new visitors about my “not-written” policy on my travel articles. Occasionally, I try to provide information about the destinations I really enjoyed visiting. But rarely, I also share my experiences about the hotels or hostels I stayed at. I do this rarely because most places have very similar settlement. Yet, there are some places which makes huge difference and show much more effort than the others. Just like Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio!

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No doubt, Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio is one of the best hostels if you’re looking for a place to stay in Ubatuba. The Hostel is in Itagua – Ubatuba which is one of the most well-known area in the city. The area has convenient access to restaurants, markets, bars, and shopping stores.In addition, it’s only walking-distance away from beaches such as Tenorio, Grande, and Vermelha. Let me explain more about the hostel itself for you to understand why I felt special for the place. Then, I will provide more information about Ubatuba, Sao Paulo.

Looking for a Hostel to Stay in Ubatuba (1)-minMy Personal Experience and Recommendation to Stay in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo: Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio

If you visit their website, you can see that the main objective of the hostel is to make you feel home. I have to tell you that the team is definitely making you feel home! When I arrived in Ubatuba, my purpose was to stay only for 2-3 days and continue to Sao Paulo. However, I ended up staying here for the whole week. Because I felt very welcomed from the first moment and blend in very easily.

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All the management team, volunteers, and guests are just like one big family. Especially, if you are a backpacker who is planning to visit Ubatuba along your trip, visit Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio. Because you already have friends waiting for you there.

Another thing that surprised me about the hostel was it was very multicultural even during the off-season. All travelers know that most hostels are not bust when it’s the off season for the location. However, Hostel Trópico de Capricórnio had guests from more than five different countries. Moreover, the hostel also offers camping tents which was very cool blend. So, you have opportunity to experience camping in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo. If you don’t want to spend your nights in shared room, you can simply enjoy camping in the garden!

So, let’s clarify your questions about Ubatuba, Sao Paulo.

Where is Ubatuba, Sao Paulo? Where to Stay in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo?

Looking for a Hostel to Stay in Ubatuba (4)-min

Ubatuba is a small coastal city that offers great deal of attractions. The area is stuck between the rainforest of the Serra do Mar National Park and the beach which is special. In South America, most small cities also have a lot to offer as history and architecture. However, Ubatuba is slightly different, the so-called center is not really attractive. That’s being said, it’s much better to enjoy the areas that have convenient access to the beaches. Itagua is a great place to spend your days in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo.

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Another important characteristic of Ubatuba is its location. It’s in between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro which makes it an amazing stop.

So, don’t waste time. Book your Hostel in Ubatuba.

Looking for a Hostel to Stay in Ubatuba (3)-min

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?


If you’re a blogger, you might have heard about Google AMP conversations all over the internet. However, these AMP discussions might not make any sense if you have limited or no coding knowledge. As a WordPress Blogging Platform owner with no coding knowledge, I will try to simplify Accelerated Mobile Pages for you. Because I have been where you are, and I had to expand my knowledge with the help of free resources. As you all know, you must push your knowledge limits in order to keep up with the technological advancements.

Let me be honest with you, if you’re looking for deep technical knowledge I will not satisfy your needs. I suggest you check other online resources where people with technical information creates tutorials. I enjoy reading articles on WPBeginner, so I would advise you to give it a try. Sometimes, looking at those resources, I feel like I’m reading something in a language I don’t speak. In fact, coding is a different language, so it’s partly true. In my articles, I try to transfer information I gain through my experiences and studies. I hope it will help you to accomplish your goals as it worked well for me too. Let’s discover AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) world.

Remember information on this page is applicable for WordPress systems as it’s the most common and suggested software for blogs.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, also called AMP, is a developing project to create lightning fast mobile pages. Companies like Google has created this system to create more efficient mobile internet world. As you know, Google is the number 1 search engine available in the internet. The multinational company consistently develops their codes to assure users access to the most relevant resources from the most trustworthy source. There are hundreds, thousands of determinants play a significant role for differentiating these sources. Basically, we can say AMP is one of the brand-new ways to differentiate these sources.

In principle, Accelerated Mobile Pages are specific pages for mobile access that has much simpler coding system. The simpler coding system means speeding up the website which is highly crucial among Google ranking factors. Moreover, it is platform-agnostic so that it’s available for use in any app, browser, or web viewer. Let’s look why there was need for AMP.

What is the Purpose of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project?

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) How to Setup AMP Pages for WordPress (3)-minThe simple answer is “smartphones”. Because most people own smartphones and use it for online search. Mobile use is a huge factor and the area of its use constantly increase. Of course, Google couldn’t avoid this demand. People all over the world use mobile searches and it’s inefficient if the website’s load-time is too high. This is why they have come up with AMP Project where pages use limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It allows users to access information with ease as the loading process is simpler.

Do I Need AMP in my WordPress Blog?

My answer is “definitely yes”. I always believe that bloggers should consider their blogs as an actual business. Because most bloggers spend more time on their work than people who work at nine-to-five jobs. In addition, there is a huge competition in almost every blogging niche. So, why would you avoid an important update that will help you stand out in the crowd?

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Therefore, there are huge advantages of using WordPress system for your blog, you should use these advantages in your favor. In the following sections, I will try to explain how to setup AMP for WordPress Blogs. It’s very simple. You don’t need to know anything about coding!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of AMP?

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) How to Setup AMP Pages for WordPress (3)-minLet me start with disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage of using AMP for your WordPress Blog appears when you try to convert your pages. This is very important for blogs that are serving for many years and have stable traffic from mobile devices. As every new technical change, converting to Accelerated Mobile Pages also causes a drop on your mobile traffic. However, remember that you are doing this for better user experience. Therefore, your users will benefit from this change. Moreover, it will help you to have better rankings eventually according to authorities.

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One of the most important change with AMP is that you cannot use certain widgets, plugins, features. Remember that AMP is specifically designed to have simple coding which prevents your pages from having complexity. So, you might sacrifice from having slide-in or popup email subscription forms. Another disadvantage is having limited support for analytics platforms. Yes, Google Analytics works perfectly fine, but the other platforms will adapt in time.

I think the most important advantage of AMP is the speed as it’s the main purpose. The convenient access to your content drops the bounce rate on mobile devices. Because most of the time smartphone users turn of the page if it takes time to load. Blogs with Accelerated Mobile Pages are easily accessible even with a slow network connection. Another important point is that you can focus on search engine optimization instead of other features. This will help you to rank higher in search engines which means more traffic for your blog.

Let’s move to the next section to find out how to setup AMP for WordPress Blogs.

How can I Setup AMP for WordPress Blogs?

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) How to Setup AMP Pages for WordPress (1)-minThere are already some WordPress Themes that come with AMP feature which allows you to have it built-in. However, if your theme doesn’t have the AMP feature, you will need another plugin to setup AMP for WordPress Blogs. Let me tell you, setting it up for WordPress Blogs is simple even for a person with no coding knowledge. All you need to do is installing and activating AMP Plugin.

Once you activate it, you can navigate to Appearance > AMP page to see how your Accelerated Mobile Pages look. Although AMP is simpler than your actual mobile pages, you can still have a tempting style. You can always check plugin page for extra support on making changes to your Accelerated Mobile Pages. You can check your Accelerated Mobile Pages on desktop by simply adding “/amp/” at the end of each URL.

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How can I View AMP in Google Search Console?

I have to mention that your AMP results will not appear in Search Console right at the moment. It will take some time for Google to index your AMP’s, so don’t be upset. Once they are indexed, here how you’ll navigate to see your AMP’s on Search Console:

First, login to your Search Console dashboard. In the left menu, click on Search Appearance. Then click on the Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you pages have not been indexed, you might see a notification stating:

“We did not find any Accelerated Mobile Pages”, so give them few days for Google to index your pages.

How can I place Ads for AMP?

Most of the Accelerated Mobile Pages support Google Advertising. You can simply navigate to your AMP Page from WordPress Dashboard and fill out the required information. Usually, ad boxes in AMP requires ad publisher ID and ad code.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, I tried to simply explain what Accelerated Mobile Project is. Additionally, how you can implement it into WordPress Blogs. It is very simple and efficient. I strongly advise you to benefit from Accelerated Mobile Pages. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) How to Setup AMP Pages for WordPress (2)-min